Sustainable design techniques are not difficult in principle, but we understand them and are good at incorporating them into an integrated design solution.
Paul Gardiner Architects is committed to implementing strategies which reduce the impact of construction on our environment. Many such measures can be implemented without additional expense to the overall cost of the works, whilst others deliver longer term savings through reduced energy costs.
Conservation of energy + Passive Solar Design
  • Orientation of buildings to maximise opportunities for natural lighting and warmth in habitable / working areas
  • Use of deciduous planting and appropriate shading systems to reduce requirements for air conditioning
  • Reducing reliance on artificial heating and cooling systems through thermal massing, effective insulation and correctly orientated glazing.
  • Incorporation of energy efficient appliances
  • Draft reduction
Reducing green house emissions
  • Using building materials from renewable sources
  • Using materials which are not created via intensive manufacture
  • Designing spaces efficiently and with quality, reducing wastage in building works
  • Utilising solar hot water systems
Reducing pressure on infrastructure; water and power
  • Minimising storm water runoff through incorporation of permeable surfaces in external areas
  • Utilising storm water runoff via tanks for garden water and/or internal reticulation
  • Installation of solar hot water and electricity generation systems
  • Grey water systems